1. Innocent

  2. Split Decision
    A Common Goal - False Idle

  3. Blessings and Battles
    A Common Goal

  4. For God and Country
    A Common Goal

  5. Stand Boston Strong
    A Common Goal

  6. Dino (ABSOLVED album and This One Goes to Seven EP)

  7. Abdicate Self
    Ambassadors of Shalom

  8. Broken

  9. We All Fall Down
    Christ's Sake

  10. Christ's Sake
    Christ's Sake

  11. California or Bust
    False Idle

  12. Threat
    False Idle

  13. I Refuse
    False Idle

  14. Hymns of Punk Rock Praise
    False Idle

  15. God Bless the World, Not Just America
    Fear God

  16. Road Trip
    Hippos of Doom

  17. Stumbling Through
    The Hoax

  18. Fight To Be Free
    The Hoax

  19. Where Thieves Cannot Tread
    Jump Ship Quick

  20. Miss That Walk
    Doug Jutras

  21. Set, Sail and Seek...
    The Kings Kids

  22. Dead to Sin
    Living Fire

  23. Skinheads in the Church
    Living Fire

  24. Jesus Rules
    Living Fire

  25. Broken Bones Burning Hearts
    The Lonely Revolts

  26. Remnant
    The Lonely Revolts

  27. Remnant - Lights Out (acoustic)
    The Lonely Revolts

  28. Retroceder Nunca

  29. Fight
    No Lost Cause

  30. NLC
    No Lost Cause

  31. Fight Within
    No Punk Influences

  32. Make It or Break It
    Peter 118

  33. Christmas Songs

  34. Be Reconciled
    The Old-timers

  35. Turn It Off
    The Old-timers

  36. Turn It Up!
    The Old-timers

  37. For the Love of Hippos
    The Old-timers

  38. Spiritus Sanctus
    The Old-timers

  39. Soli deo Gloria
    The Old-timers

  40. Platoon 1107 and The Cants Split EP
    Platoon 1107 and The Cants

  41. We Glory In The Title
    Platoon 1107

  42. All 4 One - Best of The Poor Geezers
    The Poor Geezers

  43. What to Believe
    Rogue Anthem

  44. Start Again
    Sef Idle

  45. Give Me True Liberty or Give Me Death
    True Liberty

  46. Marked For Life
    True Liberty

  47. Discography

  48. The Overcoming Years

  49. I Keep Falling
    The WAY

  50. Helpless But Not Hopeless
    The WAY

  51. The Fight is Ours
    The WAY

  52. Black & White
    180 OUT

  53. United We Skate Benefit Compilation, Vol. 1 (Punk)

  54. United We Skate Benefit Compilation, Vol. 2 (Punk)

  55. United We Skate Benefit Compilation, Vol. 3 (Hardcore)

  56. United We Skate Benefit Compilation, Vol. 4 (Metal)

  57. United We Skate Benefit Compilation, Vol. 5 (Metal)

  58. United We Skate Benefit Compilation, Vols. 1 - 5

  59. Angel City Cafe Benefit Compilation

  60. Food For Life Ministry Benefit Compilation

  61. Punk For The Gospel, Vol. 1 and 2

  62. HXCChristian.com Benefit Comp


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