by UntilWeDie!

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released September 6, 2018

Copyright © 2017 UntilWeDie! & Brutus B. Rad Publishing. All rights reserved. "It Is Well" was written by Horatio G. Spafford. Jointly released with ZAP Records.


all rights reserved



Thumper Punk Records Santa Cruz, California

Thumper Punk Records helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message. Jesus Christ Hard Core (JCHC) is spoken here. Fight like a man, scriptures in hand!

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Track Name: Mouthful of Spiders
Step inside this plagued mind
A place they like to call home
Demons thrive given room to strive
Consuming flesh & soul
Step inside this world carved out in ash
Statues high-rise & tower over once church steeples as I run

Yahweh I pray that they see Your truth
Stop denying You are near
Quit holding what they feel is real
And run from these death deals
Yeah – run!

I’ll live not in vain pursuit, I’ll live not in vain pursuit
I cast all these cares & I will speak the truth
Don’t wanna be a broken man, don’t wanna be a broken man
I cast all these cares & I will speak the truth

Cause God is watching closely tonight
He’s waiting for you to His name
Try to run try to hide
He can see straight inside
Walk around with fleshly pride
All the while you’re running blind
All the things you treasure most they’re gone
And you’ve got nothing left to show
Yeah – run!

Seek the truth, speak Your truth & run from these death deals!
Track Name: Above the Noise
You’ve got your own path to choose
I’m here I’ve been down these roads
I’m offering some insight
Yet you’ve closed off your ears
I’m trying to speak some truth to you

I’ve seen that joy in your eyes
Don’t let this world keep holding you down
Rise above this noise!

You’re holding yourself ransom son
Let go the hurt I warned you would come
I see your pain & I hear your cries
I know my own too well
And I pray you would hear my voice

Rise above this noise!
Track Name: Red White & Dead
The state of this union is fixin to break
We’re holding on strings of broken dreams
The scales of judgement are tippin hard
And which side of history will you be on

Pledge allegiance to the red, white & dead!

Call me insane but it seems to me
That God may have walked away from this country
So many people are filled with greed
So many more delight in their debauchery

Yeah they lie to you, yeah they lie to you
Still you’re bowing down to the red, white & dead!
Track Name: Sinking Ship
Well its time
To figure things out right
Not saying your all wrong
But it seems you’re sneakin round out in the dead of night

But wait, can you see, that you’re not listening to me

Well I can see your sinking ship
The demons hands all over it
Why don’t you try
Try & heed some warning

Turn it around
Turn that sinking ship around

But wait, why can’t you see
Track Name: Hell to Pay
Your way is leading to division
Your hands are rippin things apart
Here’s where your intentions meet the road
Find out if the truth is what you’ve told
I don’t see this ending well

I’ve got my feet set in firm
With my eyes on the prize
And I don’t need you to feed me
Anymore of your lies

Twisting the truth to fit your sight
Hell bent not caring wrong or right
But today the war is waged
And you’ll find there’s hell to pay
Yahweh lead this battle on

Yeah no more lies
No more lies

Lets rage this battle on
And on, & on, lets rage this battle on

No more lies
Track Name: My Last Breath
Hands are shaking, my mind is racing
My heart is slowing down
No regrets though I was a mess
I give it all to You

And I won’t let this doubt to creep in
Yet the prince of this world
Well he won’t relent

And with my last breath
I’ll plead my love for You

Calm my soul & fill this lul
And bring me home to You
I see Your face its time to leave this space
My spirit longs for You

There will be no mistaking
When that time comes
Every knee will bow
And every tongue will confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord
There will be no mistaking
Track Name: Open Wound
You call me the wolf
Who’s the one in the sheeps clothes now
You label me for what you see at first glance
Well who named you the judge of my life
The splinter in my eye is a hinderance
But a hinderance that’s been forgiven
This wounds healed but I’m still bleeding

Like a dog I lick my open wound

I reach out to those whom you walk past
They are who you outcast
Without even giving them a chance to hear the truth
Your quick assumptions now
Speak forth from a mouth unguarded
My lack of interest now
As you speak to me as though I’m retarted

We don’t have to take this
Lets kick this tyranny off

Arms raised high
With your fist up in the air

Raise your fist up!
Track Name: It Is Well
When peace like a river attendeth my way
When sorrows like sea billows roll
Whatever my lot thou hast taught me to say
It’s well, it is well, it is well with my soul, yeah

It is well
With my soul
It is well with my soul

Though satan should buffet
Though trails should come
Let this blessed assurance control
That Christ has regarded my helpless estate

And Lord haste the day
When my faith shall be sight
The clouds rolled back as a scroll
As You shed Your blood for my soul, yeah
Track Name: Blind
Lesson learned he’ll go without
It’s best not to live with doubt
He’s confused in this suffering
He leans in to catch the sting
Warmed veins
Well it’s callin out his name
The Father cries
Please son just answer Me

My arms are open wide
My child won’t you come inside
My arms are open wide
And I feel every bit of your pain
(And I won’t let you feel your sin sting)
Just reach on out to Me
Go, go go!

Lesson learned that she’ll go without
She knows not to feed that doubt
She’s wandering through these crowded streets
And the Father cries out
Please answer Me!

Reach on out to Me!
Track Name: Bleeding Out
Sometimes I wait for you to let me in
But it’s hard to desire something that will never begin
There’s more to this than you wanna see
And you don’t have to be my enemy
And I swear things will turn out well

Go the distance – quit waiting
Go the distance – well you’ll see
Go the distance – quit waiting
Go the distance – quit bleeding out

And when you’re hurting & spent & drained on your joy
When your smiling mask is a ploy
Just lean on His Word & the love from the Son
And keep on –

But it just, it just doesn’t have to be
All the pain inside
Well it just, it just doesn’t have to be
And it doesn’t have to be this way
The Son paid the price
And you don’t have to carry all that weight

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