Three Way Tie for Last

by The Hoax, Praiser, The Old-timers

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Joint release by Thumper Punk Records and ZAP Records. Release comes with lyrics, liner notes, and artwork in .pdf handout.

Mastered by Sef Idle at Simpul Studios. All proceeds from the sale of “Three Way Tie For Last” will be donated to Amnesty International.


released July 12, 2016


all rights reserved



Thumper Punk Records Santa Cruz, California

Thumper Punk Records helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message. Jesus Christ Hard Core (JCHC) is spoken here. Fight like a man, scriptures in hand!
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Track Name: The Hoax - Grimage
Never knowing what’s next
Always one step behind
Can’t keep up with this grind
Feeling like I’m going to break
With all this pressure on me
Your wants and dreams holding me down
Always suffocating me
Track Name: The Hoax - Let Down
“I always thought you would make us proud one day”
Let Down
You never stop to think of what I really wanted
Your plans for my life
End Today
Failing you made me free
Let Down Let Down
I always knew I would disappoint you one day
Track Name: The Hoax - Satisfied
On my own
Falling fast
Opportunity: wasted chance
Stay Down
Satisfaction: no such thing
Failing myself at every turn
Broken by this pressure I just cannot seem to break free
Still held down by my fears grasping for some air to breath
All those people “weighing me down” pushed aside to be me
Still left wanting Still left doubting
What made you think today would be different?
Are you satisfied? Are you fulfilled?
I didn’t know I would disappoint myself
Track Name: The Hoax - Calloused
Dragging and slagging with every step. Vacant eyes numb to life
Caved in mind lacking thought. Calloused being wasting space
Gaping hole spewing nonsense. Complete ignorance, malformed logic
Calloused to the surrounding world. And worst of all you’re proud of yourself
If only you saw what I’ve seen
It doesn’t stop soon enough
Known what I know
I’m not like them
Pay attention
I understand how
I don’t understand why
Open up your eyes I watch in disgust open up your eyes to what I despise
It’s all been said before
What are we doing here?
Keep your thoughts to yourself
It’s tearing my mind apart
Track Name: The Hoax - Love
Killing your brother for what he believes
You’re proving your point that everyone bleeds
Bombing that nation based on your creed
Only accomplishes all our destruction
You hate what they say
This anger you bring seems to be fair
In the end what does it do?
It only brings pain
Track Name: Praiser - Dystopian Reality
back in the days
many thought
that 1984
was dystopia

and all these sci fi movies
like logans run
soylent green and silent running
were just too dark

but now it's not science fiction anymore
'cause it's our reality – right now
1984 has become real
and be sure (that) they won't turn back the wheel

cameras everywhere
no problem to track down your phone
to access your computer
to know what you're doin' at work or at home

drones up in the sky
able to kill everything
masses stunned by consumption
sedated and conditioned just to fit in

what can you do?
where can you flee?

planet earth is under observation
and not only god knows it all

what can you do?
where can you flee?

planet earth is not free anymore
we are all prisoners in one big cell
Track Name: Praiser - Your Ego
every day
i can see
all the great things
that you did
you present
yourself online
post every semon
that went great
and every ministry
of course
so that you might look
good to us
so glorious
so v.i.p.
the crap that happened
noone will ever see

'cause of your ego
it's so big
you like the limelight
and the kick
of bein' important
we all shall see
you're the great leader
Track Name: Praiser - The Devil Can't Play Rock 'N' Roll
the devil can't play Rock 'n' Roll
can't play music at all
he didn't invent any tone
no melody nor chord

all music it is heaven made
every riff you ever heard
he also didn't create
any letter, any word

the devil can't play Rock 'n' Roll
because he's got no soul

got no soul
Track Name: Praiser - Progress (Is Killing Us)
Inventing miracles
we can't control at all
finding out after years
it wasn't just good
hazardous to our health
hazardous to the planet
but we can't take it back
it rules our lifes already

progress is killing us

so proud of ourselves
what science can do
(then) use it in capitalistic ways
so economy will grow
suddenly we see
it destroys our lifes
it's too late, it's too late
we all will simply die

progress is killing us

atomic energy
air polluting industry
plastic trash murders the sea

progress is killing us

noxious food sold to us
cancer caused by substances
radiation harms ourselves

progress is killing us
Track Name: Praiser - It's Not About Fear
I am not a christian
'cause of the fear of hell
but because i think
that god's a wonderful pal

and even if there is no damnation
i want to be with him without hesitation
it's not about fear
it is about love
it's not about punishment
it is about love
Track Name: The Old-timers - Apocalypse Now
Now its 2016 or is it 1984?
Fear of Man. Fear of Machine. Fear of Terror. Fear of Future.
Media controlled masses drip fed lies from luminescent screens
Politicians out for their own spew forth ignorance uninterrupted
Dronekill. Terrorism. Genocide. Suicide. Is there no-where to hide?

Apocalypse Now. And Again. Apocalypse Now. And Again. And Again!

This is our dystopian future, Wells was wrong, Huxley had it right.
But it's okay, we're gonna be alright. You see such sensationalism, such alarmist reactionism will never achieve anything. There is hope for us yet in the midst of such tempestuous times.
Love. Acceptance. Prayer. Peace. Holy Spirit Power. There is no need to hide!

Apocalypse Now. And Again. Apocalypse Now. And Again. Apocalypse Now. Will It Never End?!

Hold Fast Hope.
Hold Fast Hope.
Hold Fast Hope.

There is hope in Dystopia,
There is hope in Dystopia,
There is hope in Dystopia.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord
Track Name: The Old-timers - Walking Stick
Looking All Around
I Can't Believe
These Things I See
I Can't Believe
How can this be?

Call it culture shock, I don't know, but I can't believe the things I see day to day

Killing Yourself
With A Bottle In Your Hand
And Your Walking Stick
This is so sick

When your existence boils down to the next bottle of booze it's time to choose to change before it's too late to live

Killing Yourself
With A Bottle In Your Hand
And Your Walking Stick
This is your death wish
Track Name: The Old-timers - Punk Rock Theology
Punk rock theology needs to come forward
Amidst saccharine gospels spread by machinated phonies
There will come a day where we will know the true spirit.

As outcasts get rejected by the church and secular spaces
It's great that people understand and accept them for who they are.

This is the underrated gospel…...unadulterated community
Hearts are ironically mended in mosh pits
Two steps may be that path to salvation
The unseen divine shall see this through

Punk rock theology needs to come forward
Track Name: The Old-timers - 'Til Death
I'm taking this to my death
These convictions burning in my chest
I'm taking this to the grave
Soli Deo Gloria my dying breath

Today I lost a hero
But the only true hero still stands
God is the hero, there can be no other
Hardcore for Jesus 'til the day I die

I'm taking this to my death
These convictions burning in my chest
I'm taking this to the grave
Soli Deo Gloria my dying breath


For me to live is Christ
And to die is gain

I'm taking this to my death
I'm taking this to my death
I'm taking this to the grave
I'm . Taking . This . To . My . Death.
Track Name: The Old-timers - Sing What You See
How Great Thou Art!

Let everything that has breath praise The Lord
The Whole Earth is full of His Glory
Everyday I see His wonders all around
So I will turn my joy into sound

I don't want to rocks to cry louder than me
So every day I will sing what I see

How marvelous, how wonderful and my song shall ever be

In every high and low season
You can always find a reason
To make a joyful noise
And raise a new song unto The Lord

So Sing, Sing What You See
Yell & Scream & Shout,
Let Your Praises Out
Sing, Sing, What you See
Yell & Scream & Sing
Worship to the King

How marvelous, how wonderful is my saviors love for me

So Sing, Sing What You See
Yell & Scream & Shout,
Let Your Praises Out
Sing, Sing, Sing What you See
Yell & Scream
Worship to the King

Make a joyful shout to the Lord, all you lands!
Serve the Lord with gladness;
Come before His presence with singing.
Know that the Lord, He is God;

Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.
For the Lord is good;
His mercy is everlasting,
And His truth endures to all generations.

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