The Middleman

by Doulos

Death Brawl 03:42
Live once, born twice With anger fueled pain Don’t shoot the Messenger There’s too much line How much for a blessing How much for the soul Seeking to inject love But hates what fills us all What death are you dying for? what truth are you living for? Right between the eyes a bullet for a bloody bride But don’t you act surprised Another tip for a dying life For the mangled and demised A choice to make, uncompromised But As I stoke the fire The martyrs blood is justified So Try to duck and hide While the brawlers fist are flying wild It’s time to recognize The Son has come to reconcile Live once, die daily With the fear of giving in My thoughts are Deceiving me Telling me it all in vain Part your heavens Lord Come down; touch the sky Looking into the depths of death Only time is will testify Fear no evil These Words are lethal To a dying people It’s a Soul retrieval With grit on my teeth, & bloodstains on my clothes! The faithful are unshaken! a war to be won! With this noose around my neck your words flow from my lips! The kingdom will rise again, from the blood of mighty men.
From the start I heard the call To bring the truth The truth to them all But the fear -to share my heart This gripping hold -tears me apart But the aim-to be unashamed Godly courage-to proclaim his name I stifle - my voice His will - I try to avoid In fear of being rejected But honestly that’s my prospective In silence, even the rocks would scream In darkness, forever his light would beam
My Pledge 02:57
[ verse 1] I should never do this alone Even when the odds are stacked against me When the world seem to Fallow it’s clones Till the end I’m gonna fight with fury This pledge I make This Vow to take My word I swear This cross I bear Not a weight we put on each other Never used to judge one another Not a weight we put on each other Never used to judge one another This pledge I make This Vow to take My word I swear This cross I bear [bridge] The sound we make, the ground will shake To break the trend, to live again Free from judgment free from fear my choice to make to stay pure It’s my freedom to live this way but I’m a say what I Gotta say This pledge I make This Vow to take My word I swear This cross I bear X2
Garden Blues 01:58
My soul, my soul My soul is overwhelmed Sorrow, sorrow It's crashing to the ground This cup, this cup It's too much to behold My cup, my cup It's weighing on my soul Father- I'll drink It's your will to be done Brother-you sleep The war has just begun I know what has to be done from here My blood runs cold, I'm filled with fear The time has come, my friend is near The deceitful kiss, the lying sneer Here comes my betrayer! The lies of a traitor!
Warhead 02:25
This dimming light of mine so hard keep on shining So many things that Plague my mental health is dying These Whispers in my ears Turn in to loud shouting Voices in in my head it’s better off without me. Why’s it so hard to, To stay alive Whys it easier to, say goodbye Why’s so hard to, to stay alive When it’s easier, to say goodbye This meaningless of life I wanna wipe away These Liquid bandages Will Never stop the pain How can I love you when I hate myself When there’s no relief in this hell It’s my intention To stay a float Trying endlessly To daily cope Mental Anguish Who’s listening But My minds Pollutes All most everything So no matter How low I get There a rule I never forget———— As I slowly fade away x3 From everything As l slowly hide the pain x3 From everyone Trying not to fade away x3 From everything tell me not hide the pain From everyone Why’s it so hard, To stay alive Then to say goodbye


Eddie Blanco (edboi) - Vocals
Melanie Blanco (Rebel Mel) - Bass
Noah Cortez (Dr Know) - Guitar
Jeff Young (el jefe) - Drums

Let everything that has breath Praise the LORD!
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭150:6‬‬‬‬‬‬‬



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