by Metanoia

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Reformedguy Such excellent pop-punk. I would highly recommend. Favorite track: 2000 Years Ago (feat. Peter118).
Marco Leal
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Marco Leal Classic 90's style skate punk in the vein of bands such as Lag Wagon, Pennywise, Millencolin, Seraphs Coal, and early Offspring. Christ centered lyrics throughout! The Lord has truly blessed these guys! I highly recommend their first release "Retroceder Nunca" as well. Favorite track: Not Your Call.
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Ben Lopez - Bass and Lead Vocals
Diego Rivera - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Brandy Guzman - Drums


released November 17, 2015

Copyright (c) 2015 Metanoia. All rights reserved. Ted Bond of Craig's Brother appears on the song Thankful. Peter118 appears on the song 2000 Years Ago.


all rights reserved



Thumper Punk Records Santa Cruz, California

Thumper Punk Records helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message. Jesus Christ Hard Core (JCHC) is spoken here. Fight like a man, scriptures in hand!
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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Right Thing Day
Here we go again folks. There are many reasons 4 us to sing. We might not 2 change the whole world, but maybe…we get to reach your heart. Be smart don't let the masses set the directions you’ll pursue. Wicked influences telling u what to do

No trends nor medias will define my ways, the path that I decide. There is a one & only truth that lightens my sight.

Welcome to the right thing day. A present father, maternal love. family, respect and faithfulness. Welcome to the right thing day. Integrity and humility. Wait ‘til u get married, work hard, don’t do drugs.

Here we go again folks. It is never too late to recommence. Shake off the dust and once again get back to the race. Runaway from the cultural trend, do not let ‘em disconcert. What’s wrong is wrong, even thou other say it’s cool.

Not a hundred studies will confuse me man. The path that I walk through has been proved to be true, is the path that I choose.
Track Name: Dear No One
I sing this song to you, the girl of my dreams yes you are. We haven't met before but still...I love you. I'd like to be with you today and have an awesome time, but I don't know where you live...don't have your number. I won’t give up, I won’t be with any girl that I meet. I'll wait ‘til I find you, my only soulmate.

It's not enough for me, to hug you in my dreams. Don’t know your look don’t know your face, but you’re so beautiful. I'd share this life with you, reach our potential not standards. Endless adventures, crazy plans (I hope our paths will cross real soon, and make u the happiest) can’t wait to find you girl…dear no one.

I thought I had the one but evidence proved me wrong, that’s why I’ll wait for you my genuine partner. Love is patient love is kind, love is not jealous rude or proud. Real love endures through every tough circumstance.

So I will wait, not losing faith and with my eyes open, I know you will show up, somehow somewhere.

I gotta be patient, I gotta stay quiet…the best is yet to come I do know that, but gets boring facing life by myself; so hurry up baby I wanna meet you soon!
Track Name: Chili-Nation
We do this tribute to our beloved country, and also wanna break some myths about it. It’s so beautiful, we guarantee that. Long & narrow so much stuff to do. We don’t live in the stoneage, we use forks and electricity.

Welcome to the Chili-nation! Where everybody is having fun & chillin’. We have it all down here it’s super cool, you say it CHILE and not chili.

From the driest dessert to the beautiful Andes. To the glaciers in the south…we have an endless sea, you can fish anywhere and also surf if ur brave to endure the freezing water. We do have computers & printers, drive cars, and also have malls

Right here in the south west of America, a long paradise waits 4 for you, the best beaches, mountains & also the best food ever (yeah we rock!)
Track Name: Thankful (feat. Ted Bond)
Have u noticed that grass looks always greener on your neighbours yard. We wanna have things we don't have; live an experience that someone else had. Always complaining ‘bout my life, although I have all I could ever want. Longing to be elsewhere, feeling so unsatisfied.

There are surely way more reasons to be thankful, rather than whining like a baby, gotta be thankful, use what I have ‘cuz life is now. Won’t wait for the next stage to start running after my goal. Enjoy this life, thank God 4 for everyday; let off the brakes & make this day count.

Sometimes I feel like I’m nothing but a spoiled little brat. While other persons starve to death, my problem is the biggest one.

When I was in preschool, I just wanted to be in 1st grade to play in the open field and wear uniforms like the older dudes, but then in highschool…I was tired of studying so many subjects I didn’t like. And then in college just wanted to finish fast to start making money, but once I had a job, got sick of workin' 5 days a week.
Track Name: Happiness For You to Take
There are times in life when all looks gray, no hope no laughs no brighter days; believe me it’s possible to rise from there. Sometimes u won’t get what u want, people u never thought could fail…happen to fail unavoidably. There’s an exit if you want it. Stop listening those voices in your head saying your life should end. Every breath is a priceless treasure, say goodbye to depression; ‘cuz happiness is for u to take.

People think that having hard parties, drinkin’ whatever, smokin’ whatever, flirting with chicks could fill an empty heart - but I, gotta tell you that’s bullcrap. Works like anesthesia: after its effect you’ll feel the hole again or worse than before.

I know sometimes life don’t make sense, you run in circles everyday. Doing what you ought to do, ideals look far. You hate ur job but you’re still there, wanting every Monday to by Friday. Life’s martyrdom like that, but there’s a better way.

All right time to be clear. There’s no point on living this life without knowing why you’re here for…just following life inertia. That’s when u get frustrated, depressed, sad & meaningless…but God is the one who built you…so, the one who knows your purpose. You wanna be happy? Say hi to Jesus and ask him what he built you for!
Track Name: Matter of Time
All the nights you work so hard, trying to get that job, trying to get that position. All the time you wasted away, leaving your kids at home, without someone to follow. Take a moment, to think about what’s next. Nothing will remain.

In just a matter of time, all will be gone. All of your dreams and goals will be covered in dirt. In just a matter of time, disappointment will come. Your hope & expectations will not always be met…stop holding on.

You became frustrated when she said no. Thinking that her love was all you needed that right then your life would be perfect. Have you ever looked up in the night? Wondering if this life is more than just pleasures and possessions.

Deep down you’re searching for something else than this…His arms are open! (run to him ‘cuz)

I could tell you it's ok, but your life’s going nowhere. Just keep your eyes open. Cuz everything you have will be taken away.
Track Name: Not Your Call
Nowadays people say that abortion is OK, the girls have their problems, it’s up to them if they keep it or not. Freedom flags are lifted, the woman has the right to decide about their body…like you chose watch a movie or not. There are many situations that pretend to justify: unplanned kid, incomplete career, coming sick, or that she was sadly raped. Whatever happened, this is not his fault. You can hear the heartbeat; a human being is on his way. Your freedom ends when the freedom of others begin.

I won’t judge you girl, it’s a tough situation, we all do make mistakes, but still we wanna say. It’s not our call, to decide who lives or dies, if our plans get ripped apart, life comes from God, it’s just not your call.

Let me clarify this, the weight of this act doesn’t rely on her shoulders only. What about the doctors who specialize in this? What about the coward guys who encourage their girls to? What about the parents who will take their daughters…to avoid the social comments and family shame? What about the church that speaks about grace, and then they judge you if you’re a teenager parent?
Track Name: Peter the Slacker
There he goes, that’s Peter the slacker. He quited his college, cause he was really stressed. His ex-girlfriend left him claiming that he was heedless. Doesn’t have a dog cuz is too much work to take care of him, the vet, vaccines, buy food…no thanks. He never goes out with friends cuz his pocket money is gone quickly. He didn’t like his life very much but wasn't willing to change anything in his daytime to change that.

Is the story ‘bout peter the slacker, woa-oh-oh-oh! Always tired always with fatigue, Wo-Oh-Oh. His higher dreams passed by while he was playing candy crush. There’s no one to blame but him, Peter the slacker: [i] get up from that couch [ii] just like Witwicky said: “no sacrifice no victory”.

Peter doesn’t know ‘bout sacrifice. Never heard ‘bout perseverance or discipline. Cozy in his comfort - waiting for someone to help him, after that self-pity look. When he is the one who should stop wasting hours watchin’ garbage on youtube. 9 hundred friends on facebook, new profile picture daily.

Worrying will never change the outcome: 1+1 always equals 2. If you wanna get something different, gotta add or subtract something to the sum.
Track Name: 2000 Years Ago (feat. Peter118)
I’m not scared of intolerance. Neither my purpose is just to have some fun. Neither is my purpose just to have some fun. Not interested on being applauded in. I just wanna shout my message really loud! I’m sorry if it offends you, but cannot keep for myself. The story of a humble man, the source of hope and steady joyfulness. The man that many still prefer not to understand.

2000 years ago, God made his way into this world. He gave his life for us, he broke the separation wall (Jesus the true and only God, he ́s saying come back home my beloved)

Money and comfort I’m sure that is fun. But let’s be honest, it can’t be just ‘bout that. I don’t invite you to simply accept…but to experience love and try it for yourself.

The facts speak loudly of Him, the creation does as well. He is the truth, the way and life, a faithful brother we can trust. He is your hope and only constant fount of love.

Let ́s sing this together, song of joy and resurrected life. We are not walking nowhere, we follow a narrow path. A new beginning is about to start…go!
Track Name: Children
There’s a reality among shadows we choose to avoid. While we walk, we know where it is, and know where to look to not find it. How come the human heart gets so badly hardened, til it’s immune to pain. What’s the difference between them and you? Open up your eyes.

I don’t underestimate what you’ve already done for them. But it’s not enough with simple donations or charity. It’s just not enough to say a nice prayer we’re supposed to love and look after them. It’s time, wake up!

Almost careless ‘bout their pain. Maybe ‘cuz they dress differently? Really easy to offer up, from your bubble relying on others. They did not choose their cradle, not supposed to work suffereth. Begging money in the streets. Lacking love in a full orphanage.

Stop thinkin’ just about yourself! There’s hope for them. Haven’t been forgotten. They are so beloved. Let ‘em know ‘bout the salvation that was bought for them.

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