A Broken Line

by A Broken Line

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released October 4, 2016


all rights reserved



Thumper Punk Records Santa Cruz, California

Thumper Punk Records helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message. Jesus Christ Hard Core (JCHC) is spoken here. Fight like a man, scriptures in hand!

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Track Name: Citation
If you’ve got something to say
Then why are you walking away?
I’m sick of bumpersticker-religion and philosophy.
Stop calling the cops on me!

Citation, Citation, you can’t shut this down

Tear down this temple
It’ll raise again
Hey Long Beach! You still got that poison running in your veins?
I’m sick of being known
As some prodigal son
I’ve got something to say
We’re not done.
Track Name: Drive
She was driving in her car outta Huntington Beach
She hit a kid on a bike who was trying to reach
His own definition of freedom of speech.

She didn’t see him cuz of the glare
He went through her window and he got stuck there
Now he’s got glass through his heart and bloodstains in his hair
She parked her car in the garage like as if she didn’t care
He said, “Close the door but your guilt is always there.”
Track Name: La Segunda Sombra
Caught in a feeling I just can’t explain
Trying to make sense but I can’t maintain
A sense of purpose, who I oughtta be
I’ve been stabbed in the back by the assassin in me

Something I did wrong
My God, I need you
My blows are coming from
My second shadow

Woah La segunda sombra
It’s on my back and everybody knows
Woah la segunda sombra
Got my soul and it won’t let go

Fighting off the shadows, but the shadows have won
Thrown me on the ground, now I’m comin undone
I can see the light but I can’t move my hands
I’m screaming at myself, “I gotta take a stand”

A crash of thunder
My visions fading
I’m going under
And all goes black

And I say “No”
Track Name: Alive on the 111
I took the 111 to 2nd
My blood was bottled up inside
Stagnation, so contagious
Have I forgotten I’m alive?

On the 111 to 2nd
We’re doing our best to hide
Our best intentions got thrown under the bus
Now it smells like something died
Carrie’s lookin for a hero
Her kids got no dad by their side
She don’t know the hero hanging on her neck
Cuz she don’t wanna be crucified

Do you hear the voices and the noises?
The people telling you that they’re content being fed up?
Do you hear the voices and the noises?
They’re lying, telling you that they’re happy being alone.

The bus got lost along the way
Between the city, the sin, and the shore
The sun goes down, and I can hear the sound
Of souls sighing, of hearts crying
For something more.
I’m alive on the 111.
Track Name: I Am the Contrary
The suns coming up
I didn’t get no rest
The city’s getting ready
To put me to the test
The gloves are coming off but I ain’t distressed
Cuz I, I am the contrary.
The billboard’s lookin down at the bums at the stop
We’re breeding monsters and victims and it starts at the top
Like a house of cards, I wanna watch it drop
Cuz I, I am the contrary

And I’m not the only one.

You pledge allegiance to American dreams
And leave em sitting on the shelf, now they’re busting at the seams
But nothing ever fits like a pair of new jeans
Guess what, I am the contrary
When the going gets tough, don’t you look away
To no consumer lust at the end of the day
Cuz you can buy all you want, but this won’t go away
And I, I am the contrary.

I’m not the only one.

Do you remember when the city lay like a stage before us?
We kept our voices really low and waited for the chorus
And there was nothing but the faith in our hearts that assured us
That maybe we could make it out okay
Well time went on and you changed your name
But there’s one thing that still stayed the same
I kept me faith, I’m not afraid
Cuz I know who I am

And I’m not the only one
Track Name: Teeth
Suspended animation,
A declaration of dependence

Wasting in silence,
Decaying defiance
How did I get here?
How did we get here?

So we’re singing to the night sky
We pray for peace as we hear our mother cry
“These teeth, these teeth, oh how they bite!”
They’re crunching the gravel trying to bury the light
“These teeth, these teeth, oh how they bite!”
No one stands for nothing.
“These teeth, these teeth, oh how they bite!”
They’re just burying the light in me

Said the eye to the hand, “I can’t see you.”
Said the hand to the heart, “I can’t feel you.”
Said the heart to the head, “I don’t need you.”
Said the head, “Why no outcry?”

We have a light that burns so bright within
We won’t let these teeth keep sinking in.
Track Name: The Enemy is Within When the Heart is Without
It’s not a position
It’s a state of mind
You’re feeling alone with more and more of your time
And it’s happening again
You’re turning to your friends
To find they have no idea who you are

The sun is setting and you’re feeling empty
The city bleeds and you’re wading through it all alone
Floating down these avenues
Like a ghost you cannot find your home
Just in time, the voice of reason
Comes calling, as subtle as an atom bomb
Telling you the paradox:
Just cuz you’re broken, there ain’t nothing wrong
There’s nothing wrong.
Cuz if tomorrow comes, there’s hope.

You got the voice of the Lord ringing in your ears
Despite your best efforts the answer appears:
Track Name: Big Black Ocean
I never thought I’d see myself in this place
I got the 9-5 etched into my face
When I lay my head down to sleep
The dreams don’t come.

She used to melt my heart every time that she spoke
We never had to pay for the things that we broke
But we couldn’t keep up with each other so we choked
And traded our hearts in.

I believe in you,
I’m just trying to find a way through

It’s a crying shame
I saw your face but you don’t look the same
And I’ve got nobody else to blame
Now there’s a big black ocean calling my name

Surf’s up

There was nothing she could do that could make me stay
She never understood what I meant when I’d say
That life can take your dreams away
And then you never see them again
Now I’m running down this freeway tonight
Down PCH trying to prove that there’s a fight
And a faith left in me

But some nights I wanna take a long walk
Off a short dock
And see what’s on the other side
Track Name: The Rude Boy
“You’re a rude boy”
I got nothing to lose
“You’re a rude boy”
I got nothing to prove
“You’re a rude boy”
I got things I gotta do,
and I got nothing more to say to you

It’s a new day, and I’mma face it
I wanna leave my stain on the world
For someone else to erase it
Cuz on the day I was born,
A million miles away,
A storm started brewing
And fixed its eyes on me.
There was thunder in the underworld
Cuz every demon knows his hunger;
They wanna make me one of their own

It’s a big world,
It’s spinning faster.
I was searching and searching for answers
On my telecaster
When Martin pulled me aside and he said to me,
“If you never open your eyes then you’ll never see,
There’s only one way for a man to be free
And you can’t smoke it or drink it or buy it.”
Track Name: John Tesh is Giving us a Bad Name
Dani says she’s tired of watching her life live itself without her
Whether or not she’s involved.
I sighed and said I related.
Well if she’s like me, that makes a lot of us who are tired of sitting in the audience.
We got the fire and we’re done complaining.
We got these walls caving in
Now it’s raining in here.
Tis the gift to be free, but you gave yours away
When the sun don’t shine, the days fade to gray
And you’re spending all your time just running away
While off in the distance, the true believers say,

“We’re making ends meet, we’re making ends meet
To the sound of the city as it sweeps all the quitters like clutter to the gutter.
We’re making ends meet, we’re making ends meet
To the sound of the city as it sweeps all the dreamers like us right here together.”

I was sitting in my room where nobody could see me
I picked up the remote and I turned off the TV
Cuz I’m sick of watching the people making their excuses
So now I’m out on my street and the city is buzzin
My friend lost my keys and my girl lost her cousin
But just because we’re losing don’t make us losers
Nah just because we’re losing don’t make us losers

We’re making ends meet, we’re making ends meet
To the sound of the city as it sweeps all the quitters like clutter to the gutter.
We’re making ends meet, we’re making ends meet
To the sound of the city as it sweeps all the dreamers like us right here together

And this is our song tonight.

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